Fine Art, Writer, Screenwriter, Hand-crafted unique statement necklaces. Welcome to my art.

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Juniper Roots artwork

Juniper Roots

Set painting, commercial art, articles, plays and screenplays – detailed statement necklaces

On Art:

My kid comes out to play. Curious questions about charming, absurd things that I stumble across pop pictures in my head at three A.M. With illustration and graphics my questions end up answered on board or canvas. Painting for sets is a methodical, studied application of what the set designer requires.

Juniper Reservoir

Juniper Reservoir

On Writing:

I write to empty thoughts running around in my head. Letting them out makes me feel better. Writing according to a specific format (plays, screenplays, articles) adds logic to the process. It’s always weird wondering if something I write will end up as stirring as me and a can of paint. Pun intended.

On creating Jewelry:

I began designing and selling to support my habit of buying beads and gems and ornamentals and junk jewelry and chain and findings…well, you get the idea. Now I have fun designing and bouncing off other’s ideas, and custom work takes that a step further.