Fine Art, Writer, Screenwriter. Welcome to my art.

Suzan Noyes Art & Writing

Juniper Roots artwork

Juniper Roots

Set painting, commercial art, articles, plays and screenplays

On Art:

I typically paint natural subjects, trees, landscapes. My artwork has shown and sold since 1977. I’m also a free-lance commercial artist – my work includes advertising, home interiors, murals, set painting and book illustrations.

I love working in pastels, using acrylic washes as an under-painting prior to cross-hatching hard pastel, then applying final coats of soft pastel.

My acrylic paintings have up to thirty layered washes of thinned paint and glaze. I build a complex base while keeping the extreme highlights.

My current style consists of simple yet striking subjects with strong compositions, interesting positive and negative space with dramatic light effects. A new series of paintings will be posted within the next few months.

Juniper Reservoir

Juniper Reservoir

On Writing:

Writing according to a specific format (plays, screenplays, articles, short stories) presents a different format to the creative process. It differs from Fine Art but innovative inspiration remains the same.