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Early settlers and remote frontier, abandoned vehicles on open tundra, the contortions of aged junipers - unexpected nostalgia and poignancy figure greatly in Suzan Noyes' choice of subjects and contemplative compositions. The history and natural beauty of the states of Connecticut, California, Maine, Alaska and now Oregon provide her inspiration.

Noyes has exhibited her work in numerous solo, group and juried shows over the last thirty years. She was a freelance graphics and commercial artist in Los Angeles; this dovetailed with her fine art and illustration. She has fifteen years experience in interior faux finishing and decorative painting. Noyes co-founded the Lakes and Valleys Art Guild in Lake Hughes, CA, a not-for-profit organization.  She served as vice-president and president on the Board of Directors.

Past involvement with community-based art in Nome, Alaska led to several murals for public buildings.  Noyes also figured in free-lance projects for the Convention and Visitor's Bureau, the Carrie McLain Museum and Nome Rotary.  She also served on the Nome Arts Council Board.  She is presently represented by Taku Graphics in Juneau, Alaska and High Desert Writers Guild in Bend, Oregon. Suzan is also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.


Suzan Noyes Art, P.O. Box 1076, Prineville, OR 97754-1076
Long Juniper Roots

Artist Statement


On writing

I write because there are too many thoughts running around in my head. Letting them out makes me feel better. Writing according to a specific format (plays, screenplays, articles) adds logic to the process. It’s always weird wondering if something I write will be as stirring as what I paint. Previously, painting always had the upper hand. No pun intended.

On fine art


A landscape or object has to strike me viscerally. I want strong compositions. I have questions about the truck rusting in the field, an old tree with its tangle of branches...if that wood building will last another winter. I want my art to reflect these questions.


On illustration


My 'kid' comes out to play. I have a different set of questions about charming and absurd things that I stumble across. Pictures pop into my head at three A.M. With both art and illustration, I end up painting my questions, occasionally an answer or two.

Suzan Noyes, Denice Hughes Lewis, and Skip Clark add a silver win to their first place trophy from the Santa Catalina Film Festival. Read more...

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Suzan Noyes, Artist