Fine Art, Writer, Screenwriter, Hand-crafted unique statement necklaces. Welcome to my art.

Suzan Noyes Art, Statement Necklaces and Writing

Juniper Roots artwork

Juniper Roots

Suzan has careers in commercial art, fine art, writing (articles, plays, screenplays) and making incredibly detailed statement necklaces.

On writing

I write because there are too many thoughts running around in my head. Letting them out makes me feel better. Writing according to a specific format (plays, screenplays, articles) adds logic to the process. It’s always weird wondering if something I write will be as stirring as what I paint. Previously, painting always had the upper hand. No pun intended.

Juniper Reservoir

Juniper Reservoir

On fine art

A landscape or object has to strike me viscerally. I want strong compositions. I have questions about the truck rusting in the field, an old tree with its tangle of branches…if that wood building will last another winter. I want my art to reflect these questions.

On illustration

My ‘kid’ comes out to play. I have a different set of questions about charming and absurd things that I stumble across. Pictures pop into my head at three A.M. With both art and illustration, I end up painting my questions, occasionally an answer or two.

On statement necklaces

I create one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted statement necklaces from re-purposed vintage jewelry, modern elements, and various metals and beads making each signature medallion a singular work of art. Customer service and satisfaction are at the top of my list. I enjoy my creations and hope you will too.