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Rhinestone Beetle Necklace

Rhinestone beetle necklace

Rhinestone beetle nostalgia

A retro 60s rhinestone beetle found new metal flowers and a vintage black filigree link to hang with. This delicate statement necklace with cut glass beads add grace notes of black and white to elegantly woven copper wire over a reproduction stamped brass Victorian heart. Contemporary wing-nut and copper pipe strap adds whimsy, bolting down a re-purposed key to the new brass filigree base. Dangling below, an 80’s earring injects some Boho, adorned with more beads over more brass filigree, another tiny flower and many tiny drops backed by a silver-washed chain. Necklace chains are gunmetal on one side, vintage brass on the other, with brass-tone ornament. Signed and dated. This signature necklace ships to you sweetly boxed, ready for gifting yourself or a 60’s lover.


Chains are 10 inches long, the statement medallion adds 4 inches in length and is 2 & ¼ inches wide.