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Current Screenplays

About Suzan picSuzan Noyes and writing partner Denice Hughes Lewis have a new screenplay to their credit in Someone We Ate, presently viewable on, online. LOGLINE: Botched black magic, contemptible cousins and a killer shrimp gumbo create a living-dead nightmare for a plucky teen heiress in this dark English comedy set in the roaring twenties.

Suzan and Denice’s previous screenplay, Mission Implausible: The Undead Identity, was awarded a second place in Oregon Film Awards screenplay category. MI was also in the top 100 of ISA’s Emerging Screenwriter’s competition, selected from 1100 entries. LOGLINE: A sexy DNA professor and her reluctant CIA asset track an egomaniac with a zombie plot to make fast food of the world’s excess population.

A previous screenplay, Boarders, (with Denice and Skip Clark) won first place at Catalina Film Festival and a silver award from the Oregon Film Awards.

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