Fine Art, Writer, Screenwriter. Welcome to my art.

Artist Statement

A young SuzyQ

As a little girl, my pockets jingled with found metal bits.

Practice makes perfect — and I am fussier about my scavenging. I know what I like. Discarded vintage jewelry and old chain, odd metal parts and recycled wire inspire me.

I enjoy re-purposing old copper, tin and brass, bits of silver, gold and new elements into nostalgic, contemporary creations. My pendant necklaces morph into little works of art. One-of-a-kind – like the woman who chooses one.

Suzan Noyes Necklaces exists for that fun and thought-provoking woman — confident and visionary. One of my signature necklaces will reflect the kaleidoscope that is you. What kind of statement will you make?

I am committed to pleasing my clientele with an eye-catching finish to your work or play outfit or commission for a special occasion. This is feel-good jewelry that wings its way to you specially gift-wrapped.

I express my creativity with eclectic, unique pendant necklaces.

Smile sweetly but swing serious hardware.

signed suzan