Fine Art, Writer, Screenwriter. Welcome to my art.

Art Gallery of Acrylics and Pastels

Art piece called "Pickles" - Diptych

Witch Pickles/ Illustration – Diptych

I’ve created Fine Art, Commercial Art and Illustrations for most of my life.

I like strong compositions, color that pops or remains extremely subtle. Subject matter poses questions to me: Why was that truck left out there? Will that barn last another winter? Nostalgia and poignancy figure in my choice of subjects. The history and nature of my home states of Connecticut, California, Maine, Alaska and Oregon provides so much material.

Painting sets or backdrops for theater is something else entirely. Much of this is copy for interpretation on a smaller scale or “We need a night/noon/rainy/stormy feel…” and it always needs doing by yesterday. Painting with a crew on a deadline is always fun, creative and down-to-the-wire.

Murals and special graphics for home or business are a personal choice and it’s always amazing to create wall-art that someone else will live with for years.

Illustration is second nature to me, although I consider myself an old-fashioned hands-on artist that way. My favorite illustrators remain the crème de la crème of the 1800’s. Style and grace and amazing command of pencil and paint. I hope I’m included there…